Florida Plastics Projects

One Shot brand (metallic) lettering paint back painted acrylic plaques

The brushable paint, is just "roughed on",  the back of these 3/4" thick acrylic blocks. (one coat)
It's good paint, that brand, has been around a long time.  The metallic copper and gold shown here,
have a nice effect.  Old skool sign painters, used it a lot,
but it's still available, at many places.  It's not cheap, but worth it.  No link here, as I really don't
want to focus on a paint promo, but show what can be done with the plexi.
In the next post, I will show my simple screen printing setup,
and give some simple advise, based on my experiences.

Florida Plastics Projects

Clear Acrylic Hexagon End Table, (having fun with one off speculation)

I only did one of these, for my own design pleasure, not profit.
The "traffic" would not bear what price I would need to make it profitable,
even if demand was there

I have been wondering what this concept would look like.
I am sure it's been done before, (hasn't everything?) but
honestly, I didn't copy anyone.  It's all 3/4" thick material,
and for sale at Etsy.  acrylic hexagon table

Florida Plastics Projects

Speculating on transparent color furniture again

Every once in while, I get the urge to expand the "line" a little bit.  Normally it's met  with modest sales, this time will be the same.  Clear is  more neutral, color is needed, but sparingly.   The proven "C" table is available in a transparent light blue color at my ebay listings. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273180006102?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649  If it's more than just a "flash in the pan" I will list at my amazon too. www.amazon.com/shops/southeastflorida