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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Polycarbonate Brands
Florida Plastics Projects
One of the best known plastics trade names:
General Electric (Lexan)

But there are two other well known, equal quality brands:
Dow Corning
Bayer (Mackrolon)

Perceived value drops with a lower price.
But is there really a quality difference?

Polycarbonate, with its mechanical and engineering applications,
is well known. It's history goes back about 50 years.

Almost simultaneous discovery and development of polycarbonate by both companies.

Polycarbonate was developed in 1953 in the U.S. and Germany. In Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a GE scientist, Daniel W. Fox inadvertently discovered PC while working on a wire-coating material. According to accounts, he left for home and came back the following day to find that the coating had set into a hard, transparent material. That marked the beginning of Lexan polycarbonate.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Hermann Schnell discovered polycarbonate at Bayer's main lab in Uerdingen, Germany at a time when the company was searching for ways to advance its technology. Schnell's find marked the start of the company's Makrolon polycarbonate.

Both companies began to commercially produce PC in 1958. According to Rumer from Bayer, it's the process used that mostly accounts for the differences between Makrolon and Lexan polycarbonate—as well as other grades.

Bayer Discoveries
Aspirin — a pain reliever, arguably the most successful drug ever
Nexavar® Approved by European Commission for the Treatment of Advanced Kidney Cancer
Heroin (diacetylmorphine) — an addictive drug, originally sold as a cough treatment, and arguably the most successful illegal drug ever. Heroin was a Bayer trademark, until Bayer let it lapse.
Mustard gas — a blister-causing chemical weapon
Tabun — a nerve agent
Ciprofloxacin — an antibiotic used to treat anthrax
Levitra — a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
Polyurethane — a very versatile polymer for a wide variety of applications
Polycarbonate — the material of the CD, Lego etc.