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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Warmth of candles, flanked with cold plastic
Florida Plastics Projects
Some offcut material, (scrap) is just too unique and valuable to throw away.
1.25" green tint acrylic sheet is the material that these candle bases are made with.
Some of the internet candle companies sell 51% beeswax to churches, so they fulfull the rules. These wax sticks are 100% beeswax. (real nice stuff) This home uses them as a decorative accessory, and does not light them. So, please no comments about the proximity to a flammable lampshade. If they were being lit, a wider plastic base and metal "cup" to fit candle base would be required.

As always care must be used. In placement, and not to leave unattended.
Reported home candle fires have tripled since their low in 1990.
Ninety-one percent of all reported structure fires started by candles occurred in homes.
It is no longer popular to decorate Christmas trees with candles
Fourteen percent of the home candle fires occurred in December, almost twice the
monthly average of 8%.