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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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It's all about me
Florida Plastics Projects
Like any working class dimwit, I have stuff inside my head, that some people might find usefull or interesting. When I started this blog a couple years ago, I wondered how I would fill the posts with decent, non repeating content. I was surprised that 24 years of plastic fabrication in Florida, has provided enough projects to bring me this far.

I studied Agrilculture, and beekeeping in Gainsville, Florida. That career never took hold, because it offered only minimum wage. My dad showed me cabinet machinery use. I was then lucky enough to land a forman job at "Lion in Frost Inc.", one of the premier acrylic furniture companies at the time. When being hired I was told the company would ride the wave of popularity of that type of clear high end plastic furniture. And they wanted to train someone with wood experience, but not acrylic, so they didn't have any bad habits. In the United Kingdom they call it vintage perspex furniture. They spent a lot of time perfecting a small but slick "line" of design protected furniture. I remember a trade show where one competitor was complaining about the "cease and desist order".

While working as shop forman for Lion in Frost, a customer asked me to do side jobs. He had a good business of clear lamps I did the edge polishing for
Mostly bulk edge finishing, similar to the "man against plastic" stuff I still do now.
Even with machines, it's labor, no way around it. Later he was the one who showed me the beauty of transparent colored rod canes, that is the bulk of my internet sales. When I started http://clearcanes.com a couple years ago, many large internet cane companies, basically told me I would have to be a drop shipper for them, and would never make it work as an online business. My dad told me the internet is bull.

You know how that works, someone tells you can't do something, wrong motive or not, you are inspired to make it happen. I am very proud of the only non labor thing I have done in 30 years. The SEO and product development of my clearcanes site. My Ebay cane sales are almost equal to clearcanes, so they compliment each other. If potential customers are apprehensive, they can go to my ebay feedback.

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Way to go

Plastic seems to have become the new wood now. You have plastic furniture that looks liek anything but plastic.

"Plastic seems to have become the new wood"
I like that phrase.

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