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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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LED lighted carved acrylic tiki
Florida Plastics Projects
A local artist I do edge finishing (polishing) work for, did this tiki.
The man is so talented, and busy, he doesn't want any web promotions.
He mostly carves the the back of thick clear acrylic sheets, like you've seen before, but only much better!
A large dremel type device is used.

Intaglio is the term used to describe this sort of internal carving, but the tiki is external carving.
Both images are the same tiki, one with blue led base light on, one with the light off.
The approximate diameter of "rod" is 3". Actually it was rough shaped out of 3" sheet stock.
It is roughly about 12" high. No attempt to even out or smooh the surface was made, the texture is part of the appeal.
He also carves wooden palm trunks, but the plastic is more esoteric.
I couldn't pass the opportunity to show you some of his work.