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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Lexan Prices
Florida Plastics Projects
Publishing wholesale Lexan prices to the internet
Why is so taboo?
Is it unethical, or unprofessional?

Maybe it just complicates a plastics salesman job, when his trade customers see that the distributors retail sales are the same price. Possibly prices have a sliding scale based on what the "traffic will bear".

What should be a simple first sale becomes an uncomfortable inquiry:
"We need a copy of your resale license and business license."
"Then we will send you a catalog with a wholesale price list, you will be able to order immediately."
Or a separate URL or password protected "site" is revealed.
Is it disrepectful to old school thinking to perceive all this noise as unproductive.

Acrylic Fabrication works with a distributor, that respects a customer's time and publishes Florida Lexan Prices. They feel it saves time, and aren't apprehensive what is thought about the practice.