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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Lion in Frost Inc.- continued
Florida Plastics Projects
Since I mentioned my start in the acrylic industry, with a blog entry, I have received many requests for information.
Most are people doing light research on a piece of furniture they have from Lion in Frost.
The following is my reply, and the thier response.

Thanks for the pictures, they are hard to come by.
Lion in Frost was one of the 6 top high end acrylic furniture
companies in the late seventies when I was shop foreman there.

Those "bar carts" were about $475 in the late seventies, but don't
expect it to fetch a lot on reselling it. Times were, a signed piece
was worth a lot. A few years ago I saw one of their big thick (1.5" clear acrylic)
consoles in a South Beach Miami Storefront for about $5000. But it
sat there for a long time and probably sold for half that.
I too, searched the internet for a picture of one of those consoles, but couldn't find one.
There is not much information out there on this company.

The carts were on their "line" in the early seventies for the 20 some
odd years before the company closed. Tastes change, cheaper knock offs
are made, and importance to "signed " originals, like they are art.

Somewhere toward the end of that time, the signature was from a
template, I think.
Yours, seems early, hand drawn from Steve Frey, one of the 3 partners,
one silent.

So a rough date estimate is 1974-1988.
I am not very helpful.

Her response is the following.

That is some GREAT info! Thanks again for taking some time to help :)
I've had it for over a year and LOVE it so, I probably won't sell it. It really is a well made, sturdy cart!
Thanks SO much, Theresa