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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Large Acrylic Aquarium Scratch Removal
Florida Plastics Projects
Honestly, no acrylic fabricator, wants to do this kind of job.
Climbing inside a dusty, clear tank, all day, is sort of a "dirty job".
There is nothing technical about it.
Man against plastic, with the affluent owner scrutinizing all the way.
From the picture, you can see the buffing wheel polisher.
That and a stick of beige 884e compound, and it's all go baby.
The micro abrasive products available, only work with a light haze, these scratches are too deep for that approach.

A few hundred gallons, and a few feet wide, with motorized access panels, this
"fish bowl" is expensive. So when you quote $500 a day, you are in line.
The tank is manually constructed of one inch thick cast acrylic sheet.
The magnet algae cleaners shown prevent a lot of maintenance and scratching from other scraping methods. This tank's initial setup, was only 2 years ago.
Aside from the scratches issue, there was a lot of funky debris in the water.
Plus the coral also needed an overhaul.