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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Wide Acrylic Podium
Florida Plastics Projects
Local church pastors are glad to find me. They save the internet boxing and oversize freight charges.
All but the smallest knock down, screws showing units are too large to ship ups.
Honestly the boxing is as time consuming as the clear acrylic construction.
Since I don't stock these but make each one "custom", they can specify moderate size changes.
This 30" wide top is pretty big by internet standards. But a big guy with big arms, wants to grab the sides and look at ease. Plus the double wide book thing, you know, more real estate. Kind of like dual monitor, media rooms geeks. The highest part of this lecturn, is 48", a standard height.

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strength test

i just wonder how this table can hold with out using any metal screw pls. reply at my e.mail add.


"how this table can hold with out using any metal screw" ?
To be honest, I wouldn't ship this design, because it is a little fragile, with only those two parallel vertical standards.
Maybe that part of what I implied with "Local church pastors".

It could send as a a knock down, totaly unglued with screws, but the screws add the hardware to the appearance.

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