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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Lion in Frost Scratch Repair
Florida Plastics Projects

One look at these two "C" shaped 1.5" thick clear acrylic desk sides, and it is known, they come from the classic fine acrylic furniture company from the heyday of that theme.
This blog archive has two other entries about that high end acrylic furniture company.
It'a all about me and Lion in Frost Inc.- continued.
It's pure coincidence that a neighbor with a retro warehouse four doors down, asked me to "clean up" these desk sides. The unit was in good shape and I only charged straight time, $50 for the pair.
Normally if you put your hands to a $1000 -$2000 object, just the risk involved warrents a high repair price.
A piece could fall off the table and be destroyed. I don't like to think about those things. But again, that was an exceptionally low quote because the only scratches were on the part that the floor scuffed. And I don't have insurance for jobs that bomb. Let's just say, close neighbors get a great cost quote.

Originally the desks had a glass mirror top, or black acrylic top, sometimes with a mini tv embedded in it. In the 70's those tiny televisions were the uttermost in cool. Two other plasticsjournal entries tell the boring story of my years at Lion in Frost as shop forman. These deep and thick acrylic sheets took a lot of help to get into the mold after heating. The springiness required about 3 men leaning on it to push it down. As always one side of the desk has the rough looking "Lion in Frost" signature.

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How to clean up the acrylic/lucite?

Hello my name is lynne and I recently purchased two acrylic arm chairs for my client that are signed "lion in frost". We love them and are getting them reupholstered. My question is the acrylic is rough in a few spots, how do you or do you recommend cleaning the arms and or buffing them to come crisp again? My e-mail is lynneb_atdecor@yahoo.com. THANK YOU!

Try Novus heavy duty product, it is like toothpaste, will get some of
the finer scratches out. The heavy ones need a buffing wheel.

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