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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Polymer Pyramid
Florida Plastics Projects
Common and uncommon raw plastic materials are included.
Starting at the bottom is Commodity Polymers.
That includes PS, SAN, PVC, on the amorphous side.
The semi-crystalline side has PP, HDPE, LDPE.

The next category is Engineering Polymers.
That includes PMMA, ABS, PEX, XLPE, PUR, PPO, COC, PPC, PC,
on the amorphous side.
That list contains the 2 most popular plastic materials:
PMMA, or acrylic
PC, or polycarbonate

The High Performance polymer list has
PPSU, PEI, PESU, PSU, on the amorphous side.
The semi-crystalline side has the fluoropolymers list containing,
LCP, PARA, PPS, PPA. This stack's trade names sound like contrived drug trade names.

At the pinnacle, is the Ultra Polymers.
They are:
PBI, PI, SRP, TPI, PAI, HTS (amorphous)
PEEK (semi-crystaline)

Some of the plastics, on the ultra list are so expensive,
the distributors sometimes, put them in a locked area.

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developing new safty concept

I have in mind a safty option device for mass transportation an area that has not been addresed as has all other major transportation has made some progress.Airline,trains subways but not buses. I can see from the material you use in some of your products would work well.Ilook forward to hearing from you.

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