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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Very Thick Acrylic Table SIgn
Florida Plastics Projects
One inch thick clear plastic, was serious overkill,
but hey you want it to be noticed.
Again I used on online vector conversion service,
to create the vinyl logo for the back of this sign.
Blue was the paint back fill color. I guess you can see,
I need practice applying the letters. (bubbles)

I take things too far, a little smaller sign would have a better effect.
Too big and it looks like a prop, or you are trying too hard.

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Lion in Frost

I, too, used to work for Lion in Frost, Inc. It was one of the best acrylic furniture companies in the world. The designs were incredible. No one today seems to pull off what they did back then...there was tremendous engineering involved.

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