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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Thick Acrylic "butterfly" Dining Base
Florida Plastics Projects
This scratch repair job is a Lion in Frost "Odyssey" dining table base.
Beveling 2 inch thick acrylic sheet
on a curve like this is not easy.
It takes an large, powerful shaper and a custom cutter head.
The two halves are resting on their sides, and are joined with a metal

This is a patented design, and was one of the most popular
fine furniture designs in the Lion in Frost signature line.
This butterfly base was copied a lot, with a very cheezy outcome.
In all these years, no one has brought the same look to market.
There is a cocktail version of this too, it is very organic and rounded or flowing.

The son of one of the original owners of Lion in Frost, Doug Frye,
has this one in his collection.
He is very serious about collecting specimens of Lion in Frost Inc. furniture.
Instead of listing your premium condition Lion in Frost piece on craigslist etc.,
email Doug at fryeplace@aol.com. I THINK, he is contemplating reviving the line, since he has legal rights, and drawing from , Dan Roy.
It brought a lot of memories to me, when I saw it, because I used to be shop foreman there.

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Lion in Frost "Odyssey" dining base

I have 2 of these for my dining table
with glass top. It is a great art
work and very much appreciated and
enjoyed in the house. Springfield, Illinois

Re: Lion in Frost "Odyssey" dining base

Ahh, you have the double odyssey dining table. I remember it being very good looking. My father was the designer of the Lion in Frost line. Vero Beach, FL Doug

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