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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Acrylic Carvings
Florida Plastics Projects
Hand carved from the back with looking thru the front,
these pieces are excellent artistry.
Randy Rich acrylic carving site has examples of
reverse carved and colored trophies.

A design sketch is made on the acrylic.
Then high speed grinders with a variety of drills,
bits and burrs, are employed.

They are hand carved directly into the
back of the panel for a three
dimensional image.

Not a production machinery produced product.

This reverse carving technique
is fascinating to watch, viewing the front of the piece
while working from the back. Once the design is
detailed, the process of reverse painting begins.
Working in reverse, the first paint applied is what would normally
be the last layer, and cannot be painted over.
This makes the planning process very critical.