Plasticsjournal (plasticsjournal) wrote,

2 inch thick frosted acrylic handrail

The historic Lauderdale Beach Hotel has the snazziest 2nd floor apartment I have ever seen.
The finishes, the textures, are beyond miami vice, beyond high tech.
In the middle of the strip, a small portion of the building was conserved, to satisfy the public.
This 2 inch clear acrylic slab handrail was machine sanded to create the frosted look.
This project designer has done this style railing before, with success.

Acrylic sheet is available up to 4" thick, but 2" and above is getting to be a special order, rare commodity.
The distributors don't want to stock a $1000 sheet and have it sit for years, to have the masking gum up.
There is just not much call for the super thick, like in the deco furniture heydays.
But everything old is new again.

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