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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Acrylic Coffee Table
Florida Plastics Projects
This one surprised me, by being well received on ebay, and my website. In years past, plastic furnishing were considered cheesy, but tastes and have changed, with retro and mixed eclectic looks.

Some designers are telling me they like
to have a very traditional piece right next to a totally modern acrylic coffee table.
Visual weight or "density" comes into play now with smaller living spaces, and second homes with less footage. The clear aspect leaves you feeling less claustrophobic.
It also reveals any carpeting that you want to display.
Being low overhead and direct manufacturing, makes it easy for me to make this table sell.

They are also called waterfall, because of the bends. Shipping is secure, no glued parts, so it makes it to it's destination in one piece. 3/4" thick acrylic sheet is suitable. I have seen a popular thinner sheet but it is a little borderline for downward bowing.

I also have seen a few very high end tables of similar design, but only twice as thick.
That makes is a collectors item, for 6 times the price, and not practical.
Most people do not understand, appreciate or notice the extra thickness.

46" long, x 16" wide, x 16" high x 3/4" clear acrylic cocktail table.