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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Custom Wide Acrylic Desks
Florida Plastics Projects
Another oceanfront penthouse project.
This one in Miami Beach, Florida.
The 7 foot wide span required a central "leg", even with 1 inch thick material. There was a large amount of unexpected, side to side wobble. Any resolution to that issue, was visually objectionable by the Italian designer.
Remote design, tight renovation timetable, and extreme esoteric furnishings and fixtures produce havoc.

The whole residence, was a severe white on white theme.
At the 23rd floor you are almost too high up to really enjoy the area beach views but I would not complain if it were my flat. Great views all around, but adjacent buildings are being demolished, so the unobstructed vantage point will not last.
The drawings were from Italy, and most of the vendors and workers were speaking Italian on the job. That is Miami beach, real democratic.