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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Frosted Arch Bar Top for Hyatt Pier 66 "Pier Top"
Florida Plastics Projects
These are for the revolving restaurant at the top of the famous Fort Lauderdale Landmark,
Pier 66. An event company customer told me weddings at this location were priced about $35,000,
but after the economy decline, it is about $18,000, for food and venue. The lobby is cool,
with Miami Vice colors, a very soothing atmosphere. A very old hotel, but still busy with business groups,
and very happening. Thru the windows in the background you can see the intra coastal.
The views are great water to the West and water to the East. Really the port is to the Northwest.
Right now the worlds largest cruise ship is docked there. A block away, sometimes you can see Donald Trump's yacht.

These plastic P95 factory frost pattern sheets are to replace existing glass ones that chip easily.
Not to say the acrylic ones will wear perfectly, but that is what they were sure they wanted.
So, I don't argue, even if I point out the limitations of the material.

These sheets are about 50 percent higher priced than regular acrylic sheets. Up to 1/2" is readily available.
But most distributors have a limited amount in stock, since demand is not great.