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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Large White LED Bar
Florida Plastics Projects
Shaped like box for a trade show display of their led products, the bar is big.
At 7 feet long, with 1/4" white acrylic sheets, there was reinforcing ribs placed.
But not too many or too big, because they would leave "shadows" from the
led back lighting of the 7328 white color sheet.
7328 is a sign white color, between the opaque white and milky white.
Standard "bar height" of 42" was chosen.

All corners are rounded over, and wheel polished. I sort of wish I had a finished picture,
in place with led's, for this post. The customer had some big, knobby, high power led
modules to put inside the bar, for a multicolor back lighting effect.
The white sheets diffuse the "hot spots" of lighting, making it very forgiving.