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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Popular retro tastes, are good for special acrylic tube sales.
Florida Plastics Projects
New coatings and resin formulas, insure these drums are
color stable, and durable. Some musicians, even prefer the
sound properties, though I question their expertise.
No matter, the visuals are cool.

Timpani is a stock dome shape, used in the window industry.

These congo drums are a cut and dry project, using clear acrylic tubes.

Exotic "jellybean" color combo is a transparent automotive paint applied
to clear acrylic. Single color units are solid color throughout the .25" plastic wall.

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parts fabrication

Hey folks!Great site!!I hope I"m at the right place.I am looking to manufacture electronic cymbals and drum pads.I think I am looking for 3/16" polycarbonate for the cymbals and something a little thicker for the drum pads.I am open to suggestion.Thank you for your time,Gerry,FLITESOUND,L.L.C.

"I hope I"m at the right place."
"3/16" polycarbonate"

Seems like parts/pieces we can manufacture or at least steer you in the right direction. I took the liberties of looking up your site and contact email. Thanks for the comment, you will hear from us.
Steve Durante

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