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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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VW Beatle Truck? (furniture hauler)
Florida Plastics Projects
That's right, there is two full size acrylic consoles in the back of this VW bug.
It's surprising to me that my ebay sales get some walk in's.
This couple did a fair amount of shopping and made the trip from Miami to my ever so humble shop.
When they said the consoles will fit, I was, thinking, sure.
But they also did their homework on the inner dimensions of the VW.
They just squeezed in, nested together..
The console is the only item that I am not a price leader on.
CB2 has a better price on that item only.
The oversize shipping and box padding etc, make my usual super competitve prices not practical.
We went to MIami cb2 store, my console is 2 inches longer, and the bends are more gradual,
otherwise they are identical.

VW truck