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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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fedex as a small business shipping service, no complaints here
Florida Plastics Projects
But on Monday's, I think under his tounge, the fedex driver, says to himself, this location is killing me.
With about 20 large heavy boxes, I can't blame him, if he does.
I try to make it as easy as possible, by putting that old landscape trailer at the edge of the street, so
he can back right up.   Only "dock hieght' would be better.
We started out, like most locations, having to hand truck the boxes to the curb, but now it is unecessary.
The drivers don't get any extra benefit from the extra boxes, on thier route, and you can only offer a $75 gift at year end.
Any more, and it goes against fedex and other shippers policy.
I offer the drivers some honey, from my hives, and some defective tables, that can be used outside in patio, but are unsalable to me.