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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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business as usual (no complaining)
Florida Plastics Projects
At this two week internal, not much happening, (no picture)  just plugging along with ebay and amazon order.
Amazon took a few months, but has doubled ebay sales.
I thing a lot of amazon orders would have been ebay orders if I had not started  on amazon.
I had to cave and ask for help with my amazon listings.
I am sure it is simple, but couldn't figure out unique product code to generate, to make listing.
So, I hired someone.
Everyone wants to sell me a seo service, claiming they are the best.
I studied the seo forums, tirelessly many years ago, but really I am "fast" and "cheap", and that is what moves me up in search listings.

But the honey harvest has been pretty good.