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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out (and others) using acrylic furniture on recent television show
Florida Plastics Projects
Acrylic Furniture is still popular.  "It's a look."
Unlike glass furniture, the super clear edges create a contempory blend,
with all sorts of other types of furniture pieces.
It goes beyond the "retro" or "midcentury modern" etc.

I know Jeff Lewis is not the last word on style, and taste but there are others,
on the home improvement genre.

Here is a mix of glass and acrylic, but this room has some outragouse console,
and other pieces that are $thousands in price.  Note the acrylic sided ottomans.

I offer the midrange, not high end like that, but I still use premium material and
substantially thick at 3/4"