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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Clear Storm Panels - South Florida Hurricane Expo 2006
Florida Plastics Projects
Considering this area's long term history, our recent weather has actually been very favorable. Realization of that fact, and recent hurricanes, have created a nervous collective consciousness. Global warming, and high temperatures in the deep atlantic, seem like cliches, but they factor in.

Not wanting a dark dungeon feel again this year, shopping for clear window protection is on the rise. Last year, local people were assessing the options, mostly looking at the flat twinwall and multiwall sheets. As with all new products, there is a wait and see attitude. This year we offer a new, well reviewed corrugated lexan storm panel. And we make no apologies for our low prices on these new hurricane panels

hurricane storm panels</a>

The consumer hurricane expo in West Palm Beach, Florida this weekend
had a spectrum of products offered.

consumer hurricane expo</a>