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Florida Plastics Projects


Florida Plastics Projects

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Hurricane panel installation - It's hammer drill time
Florida Plastics Projects
Hammer Drills combine rotary and pounding movements. These two actions enable the hammer drill to bore holes in masonry walls, quickly without dulling the bit.
At about $80 they are not only a professionals tool. Homeowners can justify the one time drill use, by the large savings of do it yourself panel installation.

Consumers trying to get hurricane panels and installation labor during the 2006 season, were met with pandemonium and super long lead times. Many people have complained to me about the unrealistic waiting time to get installer service. I feel, next hurricane season, the labor and material demand will be anticipated, and filled

U CAN Touch This

Signs like this were common last month.
"When?" was the first question asked.
Most installers were novices, that were
NOT too legit to quit.

Loading 20 foot long clear polycarbonate storm panels at our Fort Lauderdale location.