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Florida Plastics Projects

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Photos from Steven Durante's post
Florida Plastics Projects
Photos from Steven Durante's post

Posted by Steven Durante on 7 Feb 2018, 12:25

Latest cliche: algo Algorithmic trading (automated trading, black-box trading, or simply…
Florida Plastics Projects
Latest cliche: algo Algorithmic trading (automated trading, black-box trading, or simply…

Posted by Steven Durante on 6 Feb 2018, 10:12

Photos from Steven Durante's post
Florida Plastics Projects
Photos from Steven Durante's post

Posted by Steven Durante on 5 Feb 2018, 15:51

Zebra wood slab and acrylic coffee table
Florida Plastics Projects
These are customer submitted pictures, you can see the Miami influence.
I only supply the clear bases, and they are free to design with wood, glass, marble etc.
They wanted a custom thickness, 1", not many people will order that, as it costs about
twice what a very adequate 3/4 stock table bases would be.

A thicker, larger acrylic "C" table added to line
Florida Plastics Projects
Like the smaller, thinner "C" table that has been well recieved, this size was requested many times as a custom, so I just added it to my stock line.
As I expected there is a lot of price resistance on the one item, I may not sell many and drop it from the line.
The thicker 3/4" material, and extra labor and shipping demand I put pricepoint about twice what the smaller 1/2" table is.

clear coffee table is less of a visual block for balcony
Florida Plastics Projects
At these apartments, the view is king, and primary reason they are there.
Any thing to aid or enhance the outside siteline is welcome.
The 3/4" thick acrylic material of this table, holds up even with more outside exposure.
They are in stock and ready to ship from Amazon
Most people are comfortable ordering from amazon, based on reviews, and return policy,;
and this product is no different.

For us, Florida storm was a very minor problem
Florida Plastics Projects
Sure, we had a few inches of water, 2 days of lost power, some lost inventory, but, we are 100 percent up and running.
Still doing the church plaques, this 3 color yellow one came out real nice, in my opinion.
It's about 10" wide.  It's nice they allow me some fredom making those, as long it is a direct verse quote of
one version of the bible.  I undertand, they can't allow dissemination of any person perspectives on the subject at hand.
Will try to keep posts more regular, have been scrambling to keep up with amazon and ebay acrylic tables sales.
So, I have nothing to complain about.

"milk money" logo sandwich type display sign
Florida Plastics Projects
This one is again for my own design therapy pleasure. It's about 11" high,
and just printed on a large format printer, in opaque film. It would be better
in a translucent film, but that is hard to do.

large vertical menu holder (clear acrylic)
Florida Plastics Projects
This one is 11" x 14" high, x 3" deep, and does the job, very well.
The layers are 3/16" thick material, instead of the standard 1/8".
I am adding some clear channel on top, to keep squeezed, it's ok now,
but just in case it opens up in the future.
That myapapaya has good soup, the cooks know what they are doing.

Even the very best premium acrylic has factory defects
Florida Plastics Projects
But we work around these sort of "watermarks".
Luckily, they don't occur too often.
As the years go by the technology has less and less defects of any kind.
Some other acrylic sheet defects are, dark and light "inclusions" or basically
dirt that got in the mold during casting somehow.

It gets expensive for me to scrap the whole sheet or table, as there is no way remove most
of these severe "blurbs".

Clear stand for Harman Kardon glass speakers
Florida Plastics Projects
WIth 24 different tables in our line, this customers choice of the acrylic "C" table is good for their location.
I don't know much about speaker sound quality, I always though the hard glass, or even acrylic surface was not good.
It's a novel look.

The speakers can be found at:

hard maple laser engraving job, with a 3/4" thick black acrylic base
Florida Plastics Projects
These are about 13" high, so I needed a base of some sort, as the 1" thick maple would be tippy.
The raw material wood boards I get from ebay.  Ebay prices are great, but the shipping doubles it,
making it a little higher than a trip to a local hardwood shop, like General Hardwoods, here in
Fort Lauderdale.  Make sure to get the same wood thickness to make the laser engravers job easier.
The wood is already surface planed, so prep is easy, just cut to size, and a light orbital sand.

Again, the design aspect of these projects are like therapy for me, taking the noise of manufacturing away.

coffee cup sleeve recycle bin (acrylic)
Florida Plastics Projects
I did this on a whim, and they used it.
I felt good about it, doing my green thing of sorts.
The public reaction, is yet to be measured,
there may be some objections based on hygeine concerns etc.
Plus, if you are spending $4 on a cup of premium coffee, would
you expect a fresh, new, sleeve?

There are 2 layers, one green, and one blue, both
transparent 1/2 acrylic material.  A pretty affluent look.

If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area, thier coffee is the uttermost.

more screen printed clear acrylic bible verse plaques
Florida Plastics Projects
These are made from offcuts of my tables jobs.
My stock table sizes had zero offcuts purposely,
to keep waste, and prices down. This is the first time
I did a 3 color screen print, it was not that much more handling.

acrylic/glass paperweight "diamond" cradle
Florida Plastics Projects
Used for a church bible verse object, this one is about 10" tall,
with diamond at 4" wide. Rod is 3.5" diameter, so it is pretty stable.
It's a little overkill on height for drama, so could be shorter, next time,
and loose effect.  Glass diamond is loose, knowing that people like
to handle it.   The diamonds are relatively cheap on amazon, up to
about that size, but at 5" wide the diamonds are 4x that price.

my solar panels are ready in case power goes down, to print shipping lables
Florida Plastics Projects
A decent sized hurricane is about to hit, but with enough clear table inventory,
and a way to power my computer, there is no need to panic, that my service times will be affected.

Even a one day interuption to customer turnaround time, is not good for me,
in a number of different ways.
The cargo trailer below, is like an RV. It has (4)  100 watt panels on the roof.
The only thing it lacks is a bathroom, but they stink up the place anyway.

copper penny clad acrylic end table
Florida Plastics Projects
Just playing here, again, with this piece, for my own design satisfaction.
I made some mistakes, but the first one turned out to be a gift to my sister.
Not sure the best glue to use, mine, showed through, making it unsellable.
But from a distance, the table had a nice effect, so I didn't throw it out.
About 24 high, it would function good, but I wouldn't want my laptop scratching against the pennys.

acrylic based bible verse plaques
Florida Plastics Projects
It a wide range of shapes, for the different verses, overy the years, here are two latest.
I have a little fun designing and doing these, it is like therapy.
I think that is the key to success in business too, take time
from the scrambling to have some fun with it.

I do these for my own pleasure etc, they are not for sale online,
only the tables are for sale online.
They go to a local church, who sort of distributes them at will.
That relationship has sort of evolved over the year, I met some very nice people there.

hair clippers cradle for counter top access
Florida Plastics Projects
This is the first draft of this hair clippers idea.
It needs to be refined,, a bit.
The sides and to need to be trimmed off a couple inches.
That way, there will be less chance of tipping over on a cantalever base.
And the shorter length, will help not hog the whole counter.
It is common for a few revisioins, on new products like this, to refine it and make more practical.

macy's starbucks, and warsaw coffee company logo signs,
Florida Plastics Projects
Clear shelf is for macy's starbucks, and other block is 6x6x1,
thick enough to be freestanding.

Both were gifts, I go there a lot, and have friends there.
Sometimes they take that sort of stuff down as "corporate" tells them to.
Like a starbucks logo, where in an earlier post in this blog,
I explained, that the main office said it was good, but logo was changing,
so store manager took it home.


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