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my solar panels are ready in case power goes down, to print shipping lables
Florida Plastics Projects
A decent sized hurricane is about to hit, but with enough clear table inventory,
and a way to power my computer, there is no need to panic, that my service times will be affected.

Even a one day interuption to customer turnaround time, is not good for me,
in a number of different ways.
The cargo trailer below, is like an RV. It has (4)  100 watt panels on the roof.
The only thing it lacks is a bathroom, but they stink up the place anyway.

copper penny clad acrylic end table
Florida Plastics Projects
Just playing here, again, with this piece, for my own design satisfaction.
I made some mistakes, but the first one turned out to be a gift to my sister.
Not sure the best glue to use, mine, showed through, making it unsellable.
But from a distance, the table had a nice effect, so I didn't throw it out.
About 24 high, it would function good, but I wouldn't want my laptop scratching against the pennys.

acrylic based bible verse plaques
Florida Plastics Projects
It a wide range of shapes, for the different verses, overy the years, here are two latest.
I have a little fun designing and doing these, it is like therapy.
I think that is the key to success in business too, take time
from the scrambling to have some fun with it.

I do these for my own pleasure etc, they are not for sale online,
only the tables are for sale online.
They go to a local church, who sort of distributes them at will.
That relationship has sort of evolved over the year, I met some very nice people there.

hair clippers cradle for counter top access
Florida Plastics Projects
This is the first draft of this hair clippers idea.
It needs to be refined,, a bit.
The sides and to need to be trimmed off a couple inches.
That way, there will be less chance of tipping over on a cantalever base.
And the shorter length, will help not hog the whole counter.
It is common for a few revisioins, on new products like this, to refine it and make more practical.

macy's starbucks, and warsaw coffee company logo signs,
Florida Plastics Projects
Clear shelf is for macy's starbucks, and other block is 6x6x1,
thick enough to be freestanding.

Both were gifts, I go there a lot, and have friends there.
Sometimes they take that sort of stuff down as "corporate" tells them to.
Like a starbucks logo, where in an earlier post in this blog,
I explained, that the main office said it was good, but logo was changing,
so store manager took it home.

Scale and mixing modern and antique pieces is common
Florida Plastics Projects
Notice how the clear coffee table bases, are used with customer supplied wood top.
I feel it is very effective there.
Sort of floating or cantalever.
Glass with it's green edge, would not be as effective or practical.
Eclectic is overused phrase, but it sometimes applies.

Ways to Use Acrylic End Tables
Florida Plastics Projects
When you are shopping for a new table in your home, there's many different designs and styles to choose from. Some of these table designs can unlock the potential in your home, and complete the look of any room. Of course one of the most common styles of table is the end table. Perfect as a bookend for any sofa or loveseat, the use of acrylic end tables can really boost the look of your home.
Although end tables come in a wide range of materials, acrylic is quickly growing as a popular medium. When you want to complete furnishing your home, you can use any combination of acrylic end tables to help. These end tables provide you with an excellent solution to complete the look of any room. When you want to find out how to utilize acrylic end tables to furnish your home, read our tips below to help.
How to Decorate using acrylic end tables
Stylish - End tables can be difficult to pick out. That's because your room and especially your sofa can be a color that won't match your end table selection. That's why using the best acrylic end tables in your room, requires the use of our clear acrylic design.
Made from a high quality acrylic sheet, our end tables will match and fit into any room. Because of it's clear design, it will match up any color and make the room look larger as well. If you have a problem room that you are worried about furnishing, turn to acrylic end tables instead. You may be surprised to see how easily acrylic furniture fits into the equation of your room.
Flexible - Our end tables are at home at the end of your sofa, or as a standalone furnishing. This kind of flexibility gives you the benefit to design your home how you want to. These end tables are large enough to stand apart in any room, and small enough to fit around furniture or your sofas.
When you have an entire home to furnish, you want a solution that's flexible. Picking the best choice of acrylic end tables gives you the ultimate solution to furnish your house. Don't let the label of end table pigeonhole your design options. Turn to our acrylic end tables instead to crank up the style in any household.
Durable - Manufactured from the highest quality acrylic, these end tables can withstand a beating. This benefit can be especially important, particularly when you have small children in the home. Our acrylic end tables stand up to the abuse your house can dole out. Hot cold or otherwise, our acrylic end tables can hold up to any drink.
Made from scuff and scratch resistant acrylic, these end tables are an excellent choice. Because acrylic is clear, you don't want any discoloration or scratches to show up. That's why our acrylic end tables is the best choice for the room in your home. When you use our acrylic end table in your house for many years, it will look as great as it did when you first bought it. This is the standard of durability that makes our acrylic end tables your best choice.

Not just for a living room - Contrary to popular belief, our acrylic end tables can be used anywhere in your house. This really gives you the freedom to explore and experiment. Not sure if you like your room layout? Move your acrylic end tables around to switch things up, you may be surprised at how great your home turns out.
These acrylic end tables make for excellent nightstands in a bedroom or even closet. If you find yourself lacking the space to put a normal sized table, you can turn to these end tables instead. End tables are great locations to put lamps, clocks and any of your belongings.
Decorate your home - Furnishing your home can be tough, especially if you've just moved in. Because our acrylic end tables are small and lightweight, you can find new ways to use them to decorate your house. Acrylic is an excellent material to furnish your home and setup any room.

This is especially important when you've just moved into a new house or neighborhood. You can quickly and easily shift around end tables to complete any room. When in doubt about the style of your house, turn to acrylic furniture instead.
High Quality - Unlike other manufacturers, our end tables are made from the highest quality of acrylic material. You won't see a hint of green or yellow tinge at the edges of our acrylic sheets. Our acrylic is cut and made from the purest materials, to ensure a long life of excellent looking service.
Other acrylic end tables may be made from lesser materials, which can warp or discolor. This can ruin the look of your acrylic furniture, which is why you need the best quality in your home.

When you need the best furniture choices in your house, our acrylic end tables can help. We've got years of experience using our acrylic furniture in a variety of different ways. You'll be shocked to see how the best acrylic end tables can transform the look of your home. You'll feel better about your house, when you furnish it properly.
If you are on the fence about acrylic furniture, turn to our acrylic end tables instead. You'll get the best furnishing solution for your house, and create the best look and style possible. You'll feel at home welcoming friends and family to your house. They will comment about your acrylic end tables and how great they look, which makes it all worth it in the end.
Want to see how our acrylic end tables can help transform your home? See our site options today to furnish your home and take advantage today.

floating cantilever custom acrylic store window shelf
Florida Plastics Projects
This one project, is for my own satisfaction.   Sort of a, design therepy thing for me.
No one ordered it, but I go to this starbucks all the time, and they are friends, so I just did it.
It will probably be replaced soon, or taken down, but it fed my ego, that I still "have it" design wise.
The clear horizontal acrylic pieces are 1.5" thick material.   Slight overkill, but there is a lot of
stress on those gluejoints. I only used foam double stick tape, as there is mostly "sheer" weight on it.

Cantilever "slide" end table, seems to be well accepted, even if only 1/2" thick
Florida Plastics Projects
I would like to make them the thicker 3/4" material, but everything on ebay and amazon, is about price.
The wobble factor, must be acceptable, as I sell a lot of these, for years now, and no complaints.
The lighter weight has an advantage, of being easy to move around.
They are $95 +  $11 shipping at:  http://acrylicparts.com/acrylicendtables.html

On a personal note, I am loosing some of my beehive yards
Florida Plastics Projects
Because of neighbors complaints, (stings) I was asked to move my hives out.
Some of these locations I had there for about 6 years.
And made some good friends there.
But I had to politely move out, one sting to someone with an allergy is no joke.
You just take the good experiences, with you, and move on.

one inch thick table a custom piece
Florida Plastics Projects
Most of the tables I do, the acrylic coffee tables, are 3/4" thick.
More than adaquate and more the the other sources usually have.
But occasionally, I get requests for a custom thickness and size the
one pictured below.  It is real pricy, so quotes run about 3x what a similar size would be.

plexiglas acrylic sheet material, has a superior edge color and shine.
Florida Plastics Projects
25 years in the industry, and I am still amazed how bright the shine is on these tables I make.
Just look at the 4 tables below in production, water white edge color, meaning lack of a noticeable tint.
It's a "domestic" brand, that is also a plus.  The imports from Asia, are about 15% less for my cost of material.
They can be purchased at http://acrylicparts.com.

new, non furniture application of our clear tables, lab sink protector.
Florida Plastics Projects
My customer sent this picture, explaining that the inspectors required a splash guard,
and he innovativly selected one of our tables. Not much else to say here except, this idea could
be brought to the cash register wrap etc.

my customers continue to send me cool, pictures of their clear table purchase setup at their house
Florida Plastics Projects
I phased out the high priced refunds I was offering but some still make the pictures available to me.
Not just modern as shown here, but plenty of traditional, eclectic mixes.
Retro, don't want to block geometric rug pattern etc.

I added a larger end table, 23" high.
Florida Plastics Projects
Here is a customer submitted picture of it at location, and in use.
Competitive online pricepoints drive a slight dillution my optimum design a bit,
but it still is quite different than any I've seen online.

I finally caved, and added a "nest" set of acrylic end tables
Florida Plastics Projects
Even though there is only 2 tables in the set I am offering for $280,
it is very competitively priced.  Most other vendors have sets of 3 tables,
but they are super small and thin material.  The pictures they use online
are deceiving, if the buyer does not read the fine print of dimensions.
I added them to my amazon selection http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CIRENQE
Sorry, I discontinued the nest, they were selliing will individually, but as a pair, there were very few sales.

30 inch high clear acrylic waterfall pedestal
Florida Plastics Projects
These are made out of 1/2" material.
That leaves a little side to side wobble,
but I have not had any compliants.
3/4" material would get rid of the wobble,
but no one wants to pay that much for an occaisional table like this.
Everything is price driven, and really the 1/2" looks visually rich enough.

choice of acrylic sheet grade is noticable
Florida Plastics Projects
The domestic, higher price, higher grade is clearly, clearer, see below, and all we use.
But honestly most other vendors use the ff extruded, or import grades, like one shown below.
It's a particulaly nasty Chartreuse color, not my opinion of fine furniture.
The liquer might be tasty, but my customers prefer the super clear domestic, that costs me about 15% more.

OK I adimit it, the one table I am not the best price, acrylic console
Florida Plastics Projects
CB2.com has a much better price on basicaly the same thing I offer in a console.
With extra fedex and extra shipping materials, and extra acrylic, and extra handling,
I had to set higher price than Crate and Barrel.

But in  my defence, I am better in price with all the rest of my items,
and thicker material too, namely the coffee tables.
Mine are 3/4" thick their's are 1/2" thick.

This picture is one I made, and customer submitted a picture of it setup and in use.

COLORS! (acrylic furniture)
Florida Plastics Projects
I payed the excessive manufacturerer minimum order, and ordered 2 colors, green and blue.
Now I have a lifetime supply of those colors. Really I ran a small test of one sheet of blue last year,
and so now I have mucho material to play around, and speculate with.
Hence the multicolor coffee table "nest" .
Most "nests" are end tables, I had to try something else.
So far that particular configuration is no too popular, so I will be more conservative.
Von Furstenberg has some super high end transparent color furniture, mine is mid end.
The choice is yours, and your budget, $10,000, or $300.
The blue one is 42" long by 18" high.


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